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Created 12-Apr-13
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August 29, 2009 <div align="center"> SLIDESHOW(dorothy_and_ronnie, size=med, delay=3,random=yes) <div align="center">
_AD18498D and R Wedding.jpg_AD18793D and R wedding.jpg_AD18911D and R wedding.jpg_AD18929D and R wedding.jpg_AD18120D_R_Wedding.jpg_AD18554D_R_Wedding.jpg_AD18912D and R wedding.jpg_AD18795D and R wedding.jpg_AD18119D_R_Wedding.jpg_AD18930D and R wedding.jpg_AD19214D and R wedding.jpg_AD18915D and R wedding.jpg_AD18303D and R Wedding_1.jpg_AD18805D and R wedding.jpg_AD18931D and R wedding.jpg_AD18671D_R_Wedding.jpg_AD18916D and R wedding.jpg_AD18811D and R wedding.jpg_AD19271D_R_Wedding.jpg_AD18934D and R wedding.jpg

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