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Created 12-Apr-13
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All macro...all the time! This gallery is a collection of only macros from my other galleries. I love getting in very close to the natural world and exploring details, textures, colors and patterns. My favorite macro subjects are members of the plant world, stone, water, ice and an occasional sea creature. Most shots with the Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D AF Micro lens. Current camera is a Nikon D3...prior to Jan 2008, a Nikon D2X...prior to June 2005, a Nikon D100. Lighting either existing light, Nikon R1C1 macro flash or Elinchrom strobes <div align="center"> SLIDESHOW(macro_mania, size=med, delay=3,random=yes) <div align="center">
AED_2214great_swamp_1.jpgAED_4526.jpgAD2_0889acadia-framed.jpghiAED_2228great_swamp.jpgAED_0980.jpgAD2_0881acadia-framed.jpgAD2_0501summer_1-framed.jpgtulipBaptisiamaple samarasunfolding maplemagnoliaAD1_0356summer-framed.jpgdaylily from my gardenleaf 9thin icedogwood 2hacklebarney wood 1AED_4319_sandy_hook.jpg

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