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Created 12-Apr-13
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This year's custom photographic calendar is a combination of my Nikon D2X (obtained June 2005) and D100 shots from the last year or so. Many are macros. Click on slideshow or click on thumbnails and select viewing size (small, med, large). I used the calendar template provided by 455 Rocket: In Photoshop CS2, I created a new white background tiff document at 13 x 19. Then I converted the template gif file to tiff and cropped the bottom calendar part of the calendar and moved it into the new document as a layer. Make sure that the Photoshop Image Mode is RBG color (not Indexed color - otherwise your image will look like a negative) and inserted image (as 8 bit). Printing was done on Inkpress Photochrome Luster paper (about $1 per sheet) on my Epson 4000 using archival Ultrachrome inks. I made 26 copies of the calendar with a cover page - so that is 338 prints at about 8 min per print (at 2880 high resolution using ImagePrint RIP). That is about 48 solid hours of printing done over the course of a week and a half. This year, I used a bindery in Elizabeth, New Jersey (NorthEast Bindery) that was able to do Wire-O binding with a thumbcut notch so that a nice wire hanger could be used.

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